Maddison & Associates

The Modern Workplace

The modern workplace is ever changing. So too are the laws that govern our workplaces.

The principals of Maddison & Associates have lived the changes in workplaces and workplace law from all angles. They are experienced legal practitioners. They’ve also experienced the modern workplace as executives of large and complex organisations. So they not only understand the complex rights and obligations prescribed by legislation, courts and tribunals but also how to strategically provide the optimum outcome for their clients.

John’s executive HR and legal expertise and experience with ASX 200 firms and Maurice’s senior union experience provides a unique combination of expertise. This is the critical difference Maddison & Associates provides to its clients.

While the core of our practice is and will remain industrial and employment law Maddison & Associates can offer clients representation and advice in relation to:


  • Family Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Human Rights
  • Health & Safety
  • Contract
  • Tort law


Workplace Expertise

As a boutique firm specialising in the provision of employment and industrial relations services, we offer:

  • Experience
  • First hand knowledge and expertise
  • Contemporary HR and IR strategies
  • A highly responsive service. We know how important it is to you to provide the right advice ASAP.
  • We know the main players in the area


We provide a practical and cost-effective alternative to traditional law firms and HR consultancies.


Practical and Results-driven

Our expertise and experience provide to you the optimal outcome at more than competitive rates. We charge for our time, which given our experience and expertise will generally result in savings to you.

The initial consultation in which we take instructions is at no cost to clients.


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